Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Always a Marine

Book Four of the Wounded Warrior Series, Always a Marine, was pre-released today and will be in general release on June 25th. Please visit my website at www.pattycampbell.com for information on the series.

100% of my author royalties from this series is donated to the Wounded Warriors Relief Fund.
Buy these books to support a wounded veteran and his/her family through tough times. You can learn more about them at www.wvrf.com.

Always a Marine, Joe and Sandy's story:

Retired Marine, Joe Hamilton, is pursuing his dream career as a cyber crime specialist with a private security firm. After 15 years as an active duty Marine, he's ready to settle down into civilian life.
He's faced many challenges and has some big secrets. His sister sets him up on a botched blind date, but it turns out great because Sandy Cassidy is the girl of his dreams.

Sandy Cassidy hits it off with Joe and wants to have a relationship with him, but she's been leading a secret life that she's kept from her family and her coworkers. If she doesn't find a way to extricate herself from her impossible situation  - there is no future with Joe on the horizon.

They both have secrets. If they reveal them will it ruin their chances?

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go to www.pattycampbell.com

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Gift for Valentine's Day

 Print version released today!

The following letter is from a veteran's family to Wounded Veterans Relief Fund:

“Words cannot express how completely humbled and incredibly grateful we are for you and your organization's generosity in our time of need. I have been watching my husband suffer both physically and mentally for many years now, and for the first time in a very long time, he has HOPE. We BOTH do. We both cried when we received your email today, and to be honest, it still doesn't even feel real. My husband was a top notch Sailor, and was proud to serve our country. He is a good man, a great husband, and a wonderful father to our 3 daughters. He is the strongest man I know, and you're right, it wasn't easy for him to ask for help. I just wanted to tell you personally how grateful and Blessed our family is to have your help. Honestly, I will sleep peacefully tonight for the first time in a very long time. I also want to make a promise that when we are back on our feet financially, we will donate to your Foundation when we can, as well as volunteer our time if we can. Thank you. Thank you for allowing my husband to keep his dignity through this process. Thank you for your kind words and understanding, and thank you for all that you do for our Military and families. I am forever grateful...." 

Our veterans are grateful for YOU

I donate 100% of my book royalties to the Wounded Veterans Relief Fund.
Check them out at www.wvrf.org.

Buy a love story for yourself or for a friend for Valentine’s Day, and a donation will be made to support our wounded veterans and their families.
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Sunday, December 2, 2018

Love of a Marine for the holidays.

You've been asking for a print edition of Love of a Marine because so many of you want to hold a real book in your hand.

It's here just in time for Holiday Gift Giving. Here's your way to buy a book for yourself or for a romance reading friend - and give a gift to an American wounded warrior and his family.

100% of my book royalties to to the Wounded Veterans Relief Fund. You can check our their mission at wvrf.com.

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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Summer’s nearly over, but that doesn’t me the fun has to stop!

CUPCAKES AND BOOKS Event Dates: September 1-22

Night Owl Reviews is featuring another fun and prize-filled scavenger hunt. During the hunt, you’ll discover some great new books. Be sure to check my featured title, Soul of a Marine, along the way.

Enter for a chance to win any number of prizes, including the grand prize - $100 Amazon Gift Card.

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Monday, May 25, 2015

What the heck is love anyway?
And who’s qualified to define it?

Is it intellectual? Emotional? Physical?

Love is something we have a hard time defining, but like the old Supreme Court Justice once said about pornography, “You know it when you see it.”

Love isn’t one-size-fits-all. One of the reasons it’s so hard to define is because there are many kinds of love. You don’t love your dog the same way you love your husband, or your best friend, or an admired colleague, or your country, or your neighborhood, or your house, or your favorite shoes.

My thesaurus has hundreds of synonyms for love, too many.

One loves different things and different beings for different reasons. One thing we do know: There’s never too much of it.
I was told more than once that love is its own reward. It’s a selfish emotion when you analyze it. You love because it makes you feel so good, whole and virtuous. True love is not sacrificing the self for someone or something. You love because you want to, not because you have to or are obligated to.

Love is addictive. That’s why some people avoid it. They’re afraid they won’t be in control of the addiction.

I remember many years ago, trying to explain to one of my young sons why it was possible I could love his brother as much as I loved him. His brother was often in some sort of trouble of his own making. I’m still not sure after all these years if he understood my love was not rationed or rewarded based on good behavior.

One of the best definitions of love came from the mouth of my five-year-old grandson: “Love is a dance party in your heart.”

How do you define love?

Leave your comment, and you might be the winner of a random drawing for a Starbuck’s gift card. While you’re at it, sign up for my newsletter. It only comes out a couple of times a year.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Win a $25 Outback Gift Card

For a chance to win the Outback gift card, add your comments on books you read in 2014 and would recommend. The winner will be drawn at random. As you can see, I'm an eclectic reader and all these books are worth reading. I got a strong dose of the marvelous Robyn Carr last year.

This completes the list of 2014 books read and a peek at the start of 2015. Happy Reading!
(N) denotes non-fiction

One Summer, David Baldacci

First Family, David Baldacci

Real Truth, David Baldacci

American Sniper, Chris Kyle (N)

The Art of Racing in the Rain, G. Stein

Armed and Dangerous, William Queen (N)

The Promise, Robyn Carr

Wild Man Creek, Robyn Carr

Promise Canyon, Robyn Carr

Angel’s Peak, Robyn Carr

Moonlight Road, Robyn Carr

Virgin River Christmas, Robyn Carr

‘Tis the Season, Robyn Carr

In Your Dreams, Kristan Higgins

The Summit, Kat Martin

What It’s Like to Go to War, Karl Marlantes (N)

Everlasting, Kathleen Woodiwiss

Miss Julia Renews Her Vows, Ann B. Ross

The Heist, Daniel Silva

Homefront, Kristin Hannah

I’ve Got Your Number, Sophie Kinsella

Service, a Navy Seal at War, Marcus Luttrell (N)

The Design is Murder, Jean Harrington

So far in 2015:

Fearless, the story of Navy SEAL Adam Brown, Eric Blum (N)

World Without End, Ken Follett

Monday, September 15, 2014

Smart Talking Space Cats?

 I'm joined this week by my friend and colleague, Christina Westcott, author in the ever more popular science fiction genre, Space Opera Romance.   Book Release Date: October 7, 2014.
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 Patty:  Tell us a little about Christina Westcott and why you decided to become a novelist?

Chris:  Like most writers, I was the inevitable dreamer as a child. My family lived in the country and I grew up without a lot of other kids around. I never had many friends at school, because I was too busy living in my own private (and much more interesting) world. Horses were my choice, so I spent my summers charging off on my trusty steed, imagining I was saving the universe, or at least the neighborhood, from an unspeakable evil. Or else, I cantered along with my nose in a book, slipping into someone else’s fantasy world. Good thing the horse knew the way home. Luckily, well-meaning aunts and the public school system, never managed to break me of my day-dreaming habit.  My friends and relatives still think I march to a different drummer—one usually playing heavy metal music.

Patty:  You call what you write “Space Opera Romance”. Why did you choose to cast your stories in a science fiction setting, as opposed to contemporary or perhaps historical? And what the heck is space opera anyway?

Chris:  I've always had this urge to color outside the lines, draw my own lines in fact. SF appeals to that need to be different, to see the world 180° out of sync from the Normal. (Hmmm. Or did discovering SF at an early age make me the non-conformist I am?)  It does create problems for a writer. If I set my story in present day New York City, or even 14th century London, England, the reader would have a clear idea of the setting. In writinscience fiction, I build every rock, creature, planet and government, then present it to the reader in a believable, but not overwhelming way. I have notebooks filled with names, definitions and timelines that I refer to constantly to maintain proper continuity in my universe. (Now what year did the First Bug War start?)

The term space opera appeared in the middle of the last century. We had horse operas for westerns and soap operas for the daytime dramas, and the monikers were a bit of a put down. In recent years, space opera has made a comeback as a legitimate sub-genre of SF with movies like 1977’s Star Wars and this summer’s blockbuster, Guardians of the Galaxy. Ask half a hundred fans what space opera is and you’ll get fifty different answers. To me, it’s adventure on an interstellar scale, with heroes and kick butt heroines and, yes, a little romance. When you’re striving together to save the galaxy it just seems inescapable that you’d fall in love. And where else could I cast a trash-talking cat as a major character?

Patty:  Ah, yes, the cat. How did you come up with the idea of using a kitty cat?

           Chris:  Jumper is the hero’s sidekick, sort of a telepathic cross between Chewbacca and Garfield…

Jumper:  Hey, you can just kiss my whiskers. I’m a merc, a bona fide member of the Gold Dragons Contract Military Corporation; I ain’t no kitty cat. I’m a Kaphier Cat and we were genetically engineered to protect our people and ships against Zaafraines, a really icky tasting mind parasite. Yuck, I hated putting those things in my mouth. You never know where some of them have been. That was only one of the many times I saved my people’s butts in A Hero for the Empire. Take a look at this excerpt and see if you don’t agree with me.

 Now The Enemy had come aboard this ship and wanted to kill his person. That would not be tolerated.

Five fuzzy globs of light drifted out of the common room. Jumper saw them as dirty gray spheroids of wiggling tentacles tipped with organs to locate the thoughts of their prey. His green eyes narrowed, a hunter’s growl rumbling in his throat.

The powerful muscles of his hind legs hurled him among them, claws slashing, jaws crushing. He hit the deck and rebounded, tumbling and slaughtering until only one remained. It flashed away and down the stairs to engineering. Jumper spit out the foulness of his last kill and soared after it.

He grabbed the handrail on the stairs, slowing his forward momentum and peered down into the room. A glowing ball of frainies a meter across churned in mid-air. Was it a trap? He’d heard stories of cats swarmed by The Enemy and killed, but were they true? Or only cautionary tales to keep high-spirited kittens in check?

The puff of fur on his behind twitched as he tried to lash his non-existent tail. Jumper leapt, screaming his battle cry. He was a Gold Dragon and this was, as the mercenaries liked to say, a target rich environment.

Jumper:  See, don’t you agree that I’m the hero? And that’s me on the cover with the heroine, giving her directions on how to save the hero. She couldn’t have done it without me. Alright, where’s that dish of liver and cream gravy you promised me if I’d show up here and answer you stupid questions?